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This page shares our best articles to read on topics like health, movement, strength, cardio, nutrition and more to help cricketers train smarter, and perform better. The central question that drives our work is, “How can we train smarter?” To answer that question, we like to write about science-based ways, made simple, to solve practical health and fitness problems.

However, science doesn’t always have the answers. That’s why our work combines both science and practical real world experience. What works in a text book, doesn’t always work in real life. This is why we like to write and share our client results with you… the good, and the bad, so that we can all learn from it, and move forward to perform better at the game we all love so dearly.

Welcome to the crazy 1% club of high-performance training for cricket.

Strength Training for Cricketers: The Ultimate Guide

Discover the basics of nutrition for cricketers with our beginner's guide. Get expert tips and advice on how to fuel your body for peak performance on the field.

How to Increase and Build Your Stamina for Cricket

Want to improve your stamina and endurance on the cricket field? Learn effective strategies for increasing your energy and endurance, with these definitive training techniques.

How to Warm Up and Cool Down for Cricket

Learn the proper techniques for warming up and cooling down before and after a cricket match to prevent injury and improve performance. Find out the best exercises and stretches to include in your routine.

What's The Best Diet for Cricketers

Discover the optimal diet for cricketers to improve performance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Learn about the essential nutrients and food groups needed for maximum energy and endurance on the field.

Maximize Your Cricket Hitting Power with This Explosive Leg Workout

Take your cricket game to the next level with these effective leg workouts designed to build explosive power. Say goodbye to weak hits and hello to big shots!

Is the 2km Time Trial Run a Fair Measure of Elite Cricket Fitness?

Explore the debate on the validity of the 2km time trial run as a measure of fitness for elite cricket players. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of this assessment method.

Develop Explosive Strength & Power for Cricket

Boost your cricket performance with our guide on developing explosive strength and power. Learn proven training techniques and exercises to increase your strength, speed, and agility. Ideal for both beginner and advanced players. Enhance your batting, fielding, and bowling skills now.

Deadlifting for Cricketers: The Ultimate Guide

Get the edge on the field with this comprehensive guide to deadlifting for cricketers. Learn the benefits, proper form, and tips for incorporating deadlifting into your training routine. Improve power, speed, and overall performance while minimizing the risk of injury.

Advanced HIIT Training Plan for Cricketers

This advanced HIIT training plan is specifically designed for cricketers to boost their speed, agility, and endurance on the field. In this case study, we'll share how our HIIT training plans have helped players improve their performance, and provide actionable insights to help you take your game to the next level.

The Ultimate Fat Loss Training Plan for Cricketers

Want to lose weight and improve your game on the cricket field? Our ultimate fat loss workout plan for cricketers is packed with everything to help you achieve your fat loss goals. Designed specifically for cricketers, this comprehensive guide covers everything from strength training to cardio and recovery strategies.

Nutrition for Cricketers: A Beginner's Guide

Discover the basics of nutrition for cricketers with our beginner's guide. Get expert tips and advice on how to fuel your body for peak performance on the field.

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